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Pravasana is the official , photography , painting and videography club of Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata. Since its advent , the club has been actively taking part in various college events across the country and has helped the college host its various remarkable events. The club has also made its debut short film “Ashwini” in the year 2018. Pravasana has been proudly organising the Heritage Film Festival. The club has introduced a new 3 day festival this time in 2019 – Cinema Paradiso. We encourage the students of HIT-K to learn and explore their fields of interests in photography , videography and various other forms of art.


Cinema Paradiso 2019

The War Of The Worlds

Film Debate

Films have always been an area of significant controversies. Choose your side and give it a voice. Be a part of the Film Debate.


Film Quiz

Battle of the intellectuals and the knowledgeable has never took this turn before. Let your inner film-geek triumph. We invite you to the Film Quiz.

Kya Kheyal Hai Janab Ka?

Film Review Competition

Let your pen be the weapon of choice and your intellect the medium of acute criticisms. We invite you to the Film Review Competition.


Photography Workshop

There is no right or wrong time to start. So let your ambition take shape and it starts from just right here. We invite you to the Photography Workshop conducted by the Calcutta Instagrammers.

Shutter Island

On The Spot Photography Competition

Aperture. Shutter speed. ISO. Metering. Exposure. Does these words excite you and turns on the control-freak in you? Then, we invite you to the On-Spot Photography Competition.

Shob Choritro Kalponik

Painting Competition

Psychology says that people who draw and paint become composed. How composed are you? Let yourself be the judge. Welcome to the Painting Competition.


Photo Story Competition

At the end of the day, what we make and experience are just stories, new and old, timid and bold. What is your story? Tell us, in the Photo Story Competition.

Chotoder Chobi

Short Film Competition

Sometimes, the small things are the things that matter the most and tell us a better story . Show-off your team’s film making skills in the Short Film Competition.


Movie Screening

Movies have and will always be a crucial part in not just shaping a person but also an era as well. Acknowledge the various eras. Welcome to the Movie Screenings.

Baar Baar Dekho


Let others view the world from your perspective. Let others see the little details they have missed that you took a notice of. We invite you to the Exhibition.